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Song of Sirens

World War I & II  Naval Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Mission Briefing

Good day, Admiral. Here is the brief for your next expedition. Read carefully, and be prepared for great danger-- and adventure.

The world is in constant upheaval. Politically, allies and enemies change as constantly as the tides. Morally, no one is "the good guy" as right and wrong are as murky as the abyss. Finally, you are now in charge of one of the great powers. With a full navy under your control and an ocean to conquer, it is with you, the Admiral, that the fate of the world will be decided.

Song of Sirens is set in an alternate fantasy version of Earth, where the world is 95% water and each nation is a series of archipelagos. Additionally, magic is not only real, but it is being utilized by every military for warfare, especially in the navy. Naval warfare is far more important than any other branch of the military, making each fleet admiral more influential than most government authorities. Play as either a full-on fleet admiral coordinating with allied nations to take down common enemies, or play as a vice-admiral working with peers to build up the greatest navy, all with the help of your warships and Sirens.


Historical Warships

Each warship in Song of Sirens has been researched thoroughly and converted into statblocks for easy use in any kind of campaign. Historical accuracy and fun were the top priorities when crafting the game. Testing warships in our game system has proven to have similar outcomes to the actual historical battles. Watch our website for updates where you can test the game yourself with some pre-made encounters!

Some ahistorical and fantasy ships are also included in the game, but every type has been tagged so that your campaign can be exactly how you want. Ahistorical are warships that were designed but never made, and fantasy warships are ones that we made specifically for Song of Sirens.

Sirens and Admirals

Sirens are the ocean spirits that inhabit the seas and cause mayhem (or pleasure) for sailors. However, once ships started to become crafted out of iron and steel versus wood, methods of capture were discovered to bind them into service. The industrialization of magic firmly took hold and now every nation would be a fool not to use Sirens.

Admirals with a capital "A" are not just the leaders of the navy, they themselves are the descendants of Sirens and human sailors. They have mythic strength, minds, and charisma beyond that of any human. Many celebrities, politicians, and, yes, admirals are Admirals. However, only the smallest percentage of the population has any significant Siren blood present itself to be useful.

Political Drama

Politics is a minefield of lies, bribery, corruption, and manipulation. One wrong step could see major consequences for the Admiral, but it is a game they must play. The vast majority of any funds the Admiral obtains will be from their naval budget, whose size and scope is controlled by their nation's politicians. If the Admrial wants more than their starting budget, or salary for that matter, they'll have to please the politicians. 

Whether it's through schmoozing, bribery, promises, or even a favor for a favor, the Admiral will need to gain political support for many of their endeavors such as building new classes of capital ships, declaring war or peace, or budget/salary increases. Political favors can even be used to further technological research or assist in the construction of new military shipyards. As a prominent political figure, the Admiral will need to navigate their way through their nation's political landscape or find themselves in hot water. A prominent and successful Admiral will find friends everywhere, but an Admiral with a colored history will find their every step sabotaged. 

Resource Management

 As an Admiral in SOS, you'll not only get to manage your fleet of ships, but your nation's military shipyards and research as well. You'll need to balance your budget between your naval ships, merchant marine, and technological research. Shipyards can be used to build, repair, and upgrade your naval vessels. You'll even have other resources such as steel, fuel, and political favors to juggle as well. It's all part of being the head of high command.

While you will be given a colossal budget, it'll never seem to be enough. Keeping pace with modern technology and maintaining a fleet large and powerful enough to maintain your nation's interests is a difficult balancing act when the politicians holding the purse strings will fight tooth and nail for every dollar you're given. Admirals will have to be very careful on how their budget is spent. Does the navy need more ships or better ships? Can you find a technological edge over your opponents? How many shipyards should be building new ships and how many should be left open for repairs? Do you even know what enemies your navy needs to be prepared to face? In Song of Sirens all of these questions and more will keep your Admiral up at night.

Download the Character Sheets Here!


There are seven major nations that you can play as in Song of Sirens, plus, if you're up for a challenge, build up any number of minor nations and take on the rest of the world powers. Each nation is themed around two things: a Deadly Sin and a monster of legend. Benefits and drawbacks are unique no matter what nation you decide to work for as Admiral.

Empire of Japan

The Unholy Dragon

French Third Republic

The Wilting Alraune

German Reich

The Deathless Leviathan

Kingdom of Italy

The Bygone Nephilim

Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

The Frozen Titan

United Kingdom of Great Britain

The Bleeding God

United States of America

The Awakened Giant


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