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Nomura Katsumi

Japanese Oni

Katsumi has only one question on her mind: why does everyone insist on going to their deaths against her and Yamato? Katsumi’s superiority is beyond reproach. “Numbers better be on your side!”

Dominique De la Croix

French Vampire Queen

The newest Siren of the Marine Nationale is already making waves. Some say her body count is a double entendre–much to the chagrin of many sailors. The Admiral warns “Dominique will eat you alive.”

Mother Rosaria

Italian Archangel

O Lord, have mercy upon mine enemies, for they know not what their actions have wrought. Thine grace is all that can save them from the wrath of your Chosen. 

Clara Herrman

German Greater Valkyrie

Another day at sea. Calm waters stretch endlessly, and I am ready for a good fight. My spear grows thirsty and I ache for glory. When will those cowards show themselves?

Xenia Kovalyova

Soviet Vila

As likely to light up an enemy warship as she is to light up a party, Xenia will pull together what little morale she can. Drink up, for tomorrow we find glory or die trying! 

Augusta Ward

British Siren

In an exclusive interview with Augusta on HMS Hood, she had this to say: “We all know who the sun never sets on. It is a fool’s errand to pretend you are anything but my poor, little subjects.” 

Ruth Montgomery

American Archdevil

A long serving Siren, Ruth is always put forth on the biggest and best the USA has to offer. She always demands to be sent where the fighting is fiercest. What exactly is she fighting for? 

Sonya Lagunova

Soviet Lesser Vila


Mau Mora

Japanese Oni Siren, German Valkyrie Siren, Soviet Vila Siren, British Classical Siren, American Devil Siren

Lina Swalaf

French Vampire Siren, Italian Angel Siren

Danich Da

Soviet Lesser Siren