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Laurel (left) and Calvin (right) at a local zoo Christmas event.

The Authors: Calvin and Laurel Anderson

Calvin and Laurel Anderson are a husband and wife writing team. They bond over tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, strategy and fighting video games, anime, and, of course, fantasy novels. The first time the pair discussed creating a game system happened during a date at a Texas theme park in 2019. They spent the time waiting in lines for rollercoasters and rides talking about ideas for their roleplaying characters and new game systems, but Song of Sirens was still far from their minds. During the pandemic, they both worked in the public sector and became extraordinarily busy, leaving them little free time or ability to pursue creative endeavors, but they took solace in roleplaying with each other and their friends online.

In late 2021, they attended an adult anime convention in Texas where they reignited discussions of a game system. Calvin had resigned from his full-time job to help take care of an elderly family that the pair had moved in with, and was looking to take on a worthwhile project to work on and fulfill his desires for creativity. Calvin and Laurel brainstormed and finally settled on the concept for Song of Sirens: a perfect trifecta of historical fantasy, TTRPGs, and anime. Calvin took on the bulk of writing while being a caretaker, and Laurel offered feedback (and editing) while keeping food in the pantry. Now, in mid-2023, after a year and a half of daily writing, testing, and perfecting, Song of Sirens is ready for its premiere.

Art Director: Dave Alldredge

Dave Alldredge is Laurel's brother and a great help to the Song of Sirens project. He not only created the logo, he is also responsible for organizing commissioned artists and quality control.

In his spare time, Dave plays a myriad of video games, works on artwork commissions, and voice acts for comic readings. He loves animals and trained to be a veterinarian technician as a teenager.

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#1 Playtester: Jared Kirk

Jared Kirk is Dave's fiancé and close family friend. He excels at asking questions about the system, pointing out areas of improvement, and being a great guy to play Song of Sirens with.

Jared is a huge fan of Resident Evil, DC superheroes, and (after our indoctrination of him) TTRPGs. He also enjoys cooking and likes to try out new recipes, especially from anime he's watched.

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