Song of Sirens

Game Overview and Future Plans


The idea for Song of Sirens had many sources of influence that helped guide it into the final product that is now being presented to the public. The foremost inspiration is the concept of anthropomorphized warships. There have been a number of video games using the idea of turning warships into people (generally only women) and using them in battle. We took this concept and expanded it into a unique form, where instead of being the warship, Sirens are spirits that have been bound to a ship and grant it powers beyond the norm though the use of Hymns.

Hymns, or song magic, were inspired by the video game series Ar Tonelico in that Sirens can perform great feats using the power of song. By building relationships with Sirens, players, as Admirals, will be able to enhance the magic and empower the songs of their non-human companions. Sirens themselves are taken from the sirens of Greek mythology, who used songs to lure sailors to their deaths. While Greek mythology was the basis for Sirens, research into the mythologies and folklore of countries around the world has also been considered and included every place possible.

In combining these ideas together, Song of Sirens creates a world in which mythical creatures have been harnessed for warfare.


Song of Sirens answers the question "what if society took mythical beings and used them for war?" As ocean spirits with a deep connection to magic abilities, Sirens were wild and free to cause mayhem for sailors to their hearts' delight. Occasionally, Sirens found themselves more interested in helping humans, and even came to love some humans, which in almost every instance led to such an advantage over those without Sirens, that nations would fall to those who could curry favor with the supernatural beings. Admirals were the result of unions between humans and Sirens, though in ancient times they would have been called Heroes, Pharaohs, Geniuses, Demigods, or Legends. These children of Sirens and humans excelled beyond humans in every category with ease, and thus would almost always be destined for greatness.

Since Sirens and Admirals provided such a boon to any who could gain access to them, powerful kingdoms and governments developed ways to utilize this precious resource. World War I and II were great tragedies in the history of the world, but it was also a time of great strides in technology and industry. With the very first ironclad warships, no longer made of wood but now iron and steel, a breakthrough to forcing Sirens into servitude was discovered. The United Kingdom of Great Britain was the first to claim an unwilling ocean spirit, thus naming them Sirens in their deep appreciation for the Classics. Admirals were found to be ideal as, well, admirals in service to the Navy, leading to every child born with the aptitude and blood of Sirens becoming a national resource.

With Sirens as military weapons and Admirals as the specialized operators of said weapons, warfare would become far more brutal, common, and tragic. The world of Song of Sirens turns every major nation into the worst, most deplorable version of themselves, and it is up to the Admiral to either fall into line and accept the evil they were born into, or rise above it to brighten the dark future.


There is still a wealth of ideas and concepts left to explore in the world of Song of Sirens. Airplanes and tanks left practically untouched, monsters and submarines are briefly used, and other eras of sailing are completely open. Including everything mentioned above into a single TTRPG would be a daunting task, but it is a project that our team would be very excited to take on given the opportunity.

Depending on the success of Song of Sirens, two major spin-offs have already been considered and three expansions planned for Song of Sirens proper.

The first spin-off is Hymns of Harpies. This game would expand upon the usage of aircraft. Fighter dogfighting and strategic use of bomber planes would dominate this game. The scale of control would be dialed back into a more intimate setting than that of Song of Sirens, but it would implement similar systems specifically designed for three-dimensional combat.

The second spin-off is tentatively named Ballad of Beasts. This game would explore tanks and artillery combat support. Again, the scale of control would be lessened to focus more on individual infantry companies and the hard-won inches of land. As tanks are sometimes referred to as "land cruisers" certain aspects will be more similar to Song of Sirens than Hymn of Harpies, but the importance of positioning and strategy will be even greater.

The expansions for Song of Sirens so far will be:

Planned Expansions

Terrors of the Deep

Submarine Subterfuge

Age of Sails

Hymn of Harpies

Ballad of Beasts